The Broken Lantern Art Project: 

Broken Lantern is a unique venue, bar and restaurant from the Creators of Parasol and Swing - one of Auckand's best venues.  

We will be  showcasing large scale artworks by New Zealand Artists through our Art Project. The 100-year heritage building in the heart of Ponsonby Road features brick interior is inspired by New York's with Lower East Side and Melbournes Laneway's. Our interior has been designed especially to display three major artworks. Along with the illuminated main bar inspired by a vintage subway, the art walls are the main focus the venue which have been given prime position with gallery lighting.

In collaboration with our Designer and Art consultant, The Broken Lantern Art Project aims to display and promote a single artist or three artists each season - influenced or by different place or culture . This inspiration will also be incorporated by our chefs and mixologists into our with our menu, cocktail and wine list.

The selected artists are supported with an upfront payment as well as the opportunity to sell the work. Through our business networks, website and social media channels,  we will promote our selected artists to the wider public.

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Artist Collabs 2022

Brendan Ryan’s unadulterated affair  with paint evolved from the restoration antique furniture and the many layers of paint applied to an object over time. His art practice developed alongside a well known career as a decorative artist in the  bar and restaurant scene. He's the original thinker, painter and dresser behind celebrated venues such as Mexico, Beirut, Deadshot and Caretaker. His abstract-expressionism begin as accidental works on the work-site. Taking note of the copious paint he spilt and upon the surfaces as he worked, he developed ‘dropsheetism'.  Repurposed surfaces or canvas sheets are laid around hoping for spills of paint or coffee. They then return to the studio where the journeys with a loaded brush begin. Patterns form figures and reveal themselves as he adds or subtracts from random marks left by bootprints, snuffed cigarettes and anything that made its way south to his boards. Early years at Catholic boarding school and time as a nurse at Sunnyside are sometimes revealed in the paintings when en route Ryan discovers curious characters, stories or makes cheeky observations of the human psyche. 

The works on display at Broken Lantern, A collaboration with artist and designer Hayley Brown is a tribute to Spanish culture, history and the Spanish Masters.




Jan - June 2022  " A Catalan Experience " SPAIN