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The Broken Lantern Art Project: 

Broken Lantern is a unique venue, bar and restaurant from the Creators of Parasol and Swing - one of Auckand's best venues.  

We will be  showcasing large scale artworks by New Zealand Artists through our Art Project. The 100-year heritage building in the heart of Ponsonby Road features brick interior is inspired by New York's with Lower East Side and Melbournes Laneway's. Our interior has been designed especially to display three major artworks. Along with the illuminated main bar inspired by a vintage subway, the art walls are the main focus the venue which have been given prime position with gallery lighting.

In collaboration with our Designer and Art consultant, The Broken Lantern Art Project aims to display and promote a single artist or three artists each season - influenced or by different place or culture . This inspiration will also be incorporated by our chefs and mixologists into our with our menu, cocktail and wine list.

The selected artists are supported with an upfront payment as well as the opportunity to sell the work. Through our business networks, website and social media channels,  we will promote our selected artists to the wider public.

Artist Collabs 2022


Jacob Yikes is a Christchurch Artist. He has a heavy presence in the street art/urban scene and has been apart of numerous festivals and exhibitions over the past 7 years. As well as working outdoors Jacob also works as an illustrator and painter in his studio. His large paper and wooden panel mixed media works often take on a more in–depth personal approach usually depicting elements of his own life. With the use of several different wet medium materials in a freestyle manner, Jacob taps into his subconscious mind and the result is often a surreal composition of strange figures and symbolism. Jason recently had a sellout solo show at Fiksate Gallery Christchuch . 

see more work by Jacob Yikes

Instagram @jacobyikes

jacob mug shot.jpg

AUG - DEC 2022 - "Winter Norse Tales"



Garth Steeper graduated, Elam School of Fine Arts in 2003, and has been exhibiting regularly throughout New Zealand.

A finalist in several major New Zealand art awards including the Wallace Awards (2009, 2015); Waikato painting award (2008); and the Adam Portrait Award (2014).

Garth’s work is represented in a range of private collections, he currently lives and paints in Auckland.


Instagram @garthsteeper

BL yikes.jpg

Jacob Yikes  "Valhalla Awaits"

Mixed Media On Canvas. $5900 framed in Oak 1985mm x 1085mm enquire 

Norse Oceanic Folklore Composition 1" $5500


Garth Steeper "Norse Oceanic Folklore Composition 1"

Oil On Board. $5900 framed in Oak 1985mm x 1065mm enquire


Garth Steeper "Norse Oceanic Folklore Composition 2"

Oil On Board. $5900 framed in Oak 1985mm x 1085mm enquire 


These works are a  collaboration between artists Brendan Ryan and Hayley Brown. Hayley’s whimsical line drawings and cubism are combined with Brendan’s signature hessian & French Polish textures, and hand painted text to create a viusal tribute to Spanish culture, history and the Spanish Masters.

Hayley Brown is a recognised New Zealand Artist and Designer. Since her first sellout show in Parnell Gallery in 1998, she has generated a follwing across New Zealand and the world, having exhibited her paintings for over 20 years . She has been represented by leading fine art publishers across the United States, Canada and Europe. Working in oil and acrylic on linen, Brown is know for themes based on human emotion and beauty. Limited palettes and worn, nostaglic textures help marry past and present and present a sense of timelessness in her classical works. Hayley is the designer behind Broken Lantern.


Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 3.00.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 3.00.10 PM.png

Brendan Ryan’s love of paint evolved from the restoration antique furniture, discovering the many layers of paint applied to an object over time. His art practice developed alongside a career as a decorative artist in the bar and restaurant scene. His abstractexpressionism begin as accidental works on the work-site. Taking note of the paint he spilt and upon the surfaces as he worked, he developed ‘dropsheetism'. Repurposed surfaces or canvas sheets are laid around hoping for spills of paint or coffee. They then return to the studio where the journeys with a loaded brush begin. Patterns form figures and reveal themselves as he adds or subtracts from random marks left by bootprints, snuffed cigarettes and anything that made its way south to his boards.




Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 2.59.00 PM.png
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